access consultant and architect

Ian Hill delivers lectures, seminars, training and workshops relating to accessibility and inclusive design.

Topics and content, tailored to your needs, include:-

-  Understanding the Disability Discrimination Acts, SENDA and The Equality Act.

-  Achieving Inclusive and Accessible Environments.

-  Commercial benefits of inclusive design.

-  Disability Awareness Training for management, staff and users.

-  Consultation with access and disability groups

-  Building Regulations Part M

-  Legislation, Regulation, Standards and Guidance

-  Inclusive design.

Clients, hosts and recipients include:-

-  The Royal Institute of British Architects.

-  Leeds Metropolitan University.

-  Ian Hill Limited Clients.

-  End Users.

-  Fellow Consultants.

-  Colleagues.

If you would like to use this service please email or call for a chat to discuss your needs.

access consultant

Lectures, seminars and training